Most Romantic Resorts In The USA

We all have a different understanding of what a romantic getaway looks like.  You might believe that it includes a cosy fireplace with a glass of fine wine or a getaway on a farm to table dinner with a relaxing session in a hot spring or a lazy weekend on a tropical island. It doesn’t matter how you think a romantic getaway should feel.  

There are many different hotels and resorts that can cater to your fantasy romance. From camping in the Sonoma redwoods to watching a magnificent show of the aurora borealis in Northern Alaska or an adults-only sun-worshipping experience in the Florida Keys, here we have our top favourites for the best romantic getaway you can ever experience in America.  


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The Point offers a flashback to the Great Camp era of the late 19th century.  They have four rustic log houses where guestrooms have wonderful furnishings, a magical stone fireplace and bona fide Rockefella relics. 

You can explore the lakeside grounds where they offer curling, snowshoeing and ice skating in winter, to hiking and water skiing in the summer. They have offered great hospitality with a recreated lost in time glamour. Staff are always at the ready to pour a glass of wine or champagne and serve a wide range of gourmet snacks throughout the entire day.  

Chef Loic Leperlier and his team make it extremely hard to say no to the fresh food that they cook. The Point tries its best to adapt and keep to the tradition of the Rockefellers with an elaborate dinner to give you a chance to dress to impress black-tie Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

You can bank on morning mimosas at the full service, private ice bar over the frozen lake in winter. With a private multi-course lunch at Camp David which is a tiny cabin hidden within The Point’s network of nature trails and a picturesque sunset cruises on a vintage boat in the summer. 


This place is ideal for those couples who crave the warm weather but not really the beach type. There is a booming restaurant that offers gourmet meals all through the day. There is a lounge, shopping arts and culture scenes perfect for those who wish to view such. 

Mr C Coconut Grove is operated by the fourth generation Cipriani family that offers an Italian coastal elegance with interiors and good looking colour palette bringing back the feel of a classic yacht and romance.  With a well-groomed garden and sensational rooftop terrace for the best view of sunsets. 

Upon arrival, you are welcomed with their signature ceremony in the European style garden. You can take long walks through the dazzling streets of Coconut Grove or snatch a bike and ride along the path which surrounds Biscayne Bay. 

Or you can catch a quick Uber to the Miami Design District for some therapy or to Wynwood Arts District to view the street art and galleries.  Book ahead to score the ultimate table on the rooftop terrace at the in-house Bellini Restaurant and Bar, allowing you to toast to a magical sunset which shines over the bay and indulge in the authentic Italian cuisine. 


This place is almost completely off the grid allowing you to witness Alaska’s glacial environments and glory at the exclusive chalet which is just 10 miles from the summit of North America’s highest mountain called Mount McKinley also known as Denali. 

You can explore the frozen splendours by glacier trekking, snowshoeing, rappelling and sledging to work up an appetite for their feasts of fresh king crab and Copper River Salmon. For one to arrive at the destination you will have to fly into Anchorage then off to the town of Talkeetna by train or car and then take a helicopter ride to Denali National Park where you can enjoy the chalet in as little time or as much time you would like. 


Farm life is probably the best life that couples can experience and there is nowhere better than at Blackberry Farm.  This farm sits on a 4200-acre estate in the Great Smoky Mountains with hill cottages and multi-roomed homes in the ranges of country glam to sheer modern rooms. Your days are filled with on estate activities such as archery, fly fishing, spa treatments and wine tastings.  

One of the best sunrises you will ever experience in the mornings is over the Great Smoky Mountains. This farm gives you the chance to reconnect with nature and your loved one of a 90-minute deep healing woods meditation or yoga session.  


This is the ultimate couples resort for those of you who love to pitch a tent and camp out in nature with your partner. Luxury tents are already pitched but they also offer a tricked out airstream suit which has huge walk-in showers and queen size beds. 

This all comes down to the location. This camping experience is only a short drive from the hiking trails of Armstrong Woods with several wineries and small-town charm of Guerneville. 

You will wake up to the smell of fresh coffee in the Redwood Forest, you can grab a bicycle and do some exploring during the day. In the evenings you can head out to some of most romantic restaurants and experience some of the most exotic farms to table dining at Valette Restaurant in Healdsburg which is only 30 minutes away with the chef’s five-course meal. And you can top your night off with a glass of wine and roast some smores over the coals of your personal fire pit. The Airstream suits and tents come stocked with a complimentary kit.  


If you are looking for a romantic getaway on a farm then I would suggest you experience the Blackberry Farm in Walland Tennessee why? You might ask? Well, its ideal for love birds who love to experience the farm life and is ideal for wine tasting. If you are looking for something a little more modern like and less outdoorsy then I would suggest you visit Sheldon Chalet in Alaska, because nothing would beat the frozen mountains. 

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