6 Romantic things to do in Owensboro KY

Owensboro is the fourth largest city in Kentucky. It is located on the Ohio River and has many attractions. Visit the O.Z. Tyler Distillery and enjoy a tasting. It is known for carrying over 600 bourbons.

For outdoor activities, visit Reid’s Orchard for the Fall Apple Festival or catch a basketball game at the Owensboro Sports Center. The Arts are also thriving in the city. You can visit the Owensboro Fine Art Museum or attend the Owensboro Symphony at Riverpark Center and concerts in the summer. Let’s look at some Romantic things to do in Owensboro ky.

Wining and Dining at the Millers

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The atmosphere at the Miller House is refreshing as you feel like you are a rich person at a fine restaurant. The food and prices are reasonable compared to the experience you get. A bar in the basement, neat and warm, with a vibrant social setting and little music on a casual restaurant date night, is romantic, singing together and holding hands.

You have a range of liquor choices in the basement. It is classy and chilled, and share the meal if your partner is ok with it, and you get to order what you like. The bartenders, waiters, and waitresses are so friendly that you feel like a Queen or King at their service. Have your appetizers as you look at the choices behind the counter. Feel comfortable as you get to eat what you want. Relax before your date so that you will enjoy it.

Visiting O.Z. Tyler Distillery

When you visit the Distillery, you don’t only get to taste different Bourbons but look forward to soaking up some history. You know exactly how a true Kentucky Bourbon is made when you leave. A tour will show you every step of the process from grain to barrel, holding hands with your partner, and breathing some air.

 At the end of the tour, you will taste some of the fine bourbon Whiskeys produced on-site that you share with your partner. More dates can come from the wine sharing, as you might get to choose one bottle on a specific weekend and share in the comfort of your own homes.

Grab a blanket and a basket when you feel like tasting your bottles. Sharing a bottle with a loved one may give you the best feeling (Verilymag.com). 

Choose a romantic spot as you bask in the sun. A tour at Reid’s Orchard

The best time to visit Reid’s Orchard is in October.  That is apple harvest time in Kentucky, and the orchard holds an Apple Festival on the third weekend of the month with more food and craft stalls. If your date doesn’t mind the crowd and kids screaming, you can spend the day or a few hours there. For an introvert, you might find happiness in a happy crowd. 

Go on and share the vibe with the rest of Kentucky. There is so much entertainment and fun. In January and February, the orchard is closed, but you are welcome to visit the Apple House all year round to collect some delicious farm-fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers. A visit mid to late gives you a wonderful experience since it is the U-Pick strawberry season and peaches. 

As you take a walk around the strawberry patch, fill your baskets, and have a romantic picnic with your partner. Pack a blanket, napkins, wine, chocolate, or some yogurt.

You have a choice to make in different seasons. The children’s play area offers pony rides and a petting zoo during October if you feel like taking kids with you. Make it quiet and intimate as you pick some fresh fruit or have to share the vibe with a group of people. 

Chilling in the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden

If you are nature lovers, Western Kentucky Botanical Garden is the way to go. The garden has ten individual themed gardens, including a rose garden, day-lily garden, herb garden, and fruit and vegetable garden. Download a map for a self-guided walking tour before your visit so that you familiarise yourself with the place. 

There is also a children’s garden, meaning you can still find a quiet spot where you listen to the birds and have a private picnic. Take your small blanket, some snacks, and wine if you feel like a picnic. There is an eye-catching scenery of flowers and trees.

If you are into gardening, that is the moment to seek inspiration and take plants home from the on-site nursery. The gardens offer several attractive indoor and outdoor venues for a couple. 

Pay a visit to Owensboro Museum of Fine Art

Owensboro Museum of Fine Art brings a feast of visiting fine art exhibitions to Owensboro. The museum is into three wings, two in historic buildings. Supposedly, you are not a nature fanatic or wine person, and you can still have a tour with your partner in the museums as you see a collection of decorative art from all over the world. 

Local Kentucky artists have their work for sale in the Regional Art Market, and there is RIVERARTS, an outdoor sculpture garden that offers Guided tours, book in advance. Galleries are ideal for an early date because they are public places where you can converse and get to know the other person. It is affordable, and there’s no time frame on how much time your date will take.

Visit Town Square Mall

Town Square Mall is a public space that offers Owensboro a suitable environment for partners to get to know each other. There are several places to eat and drink and many shops. Go for some Top Nail or sports equipment at Hibbett Sports.

You can also visit The Children’s Place for family stuff. You can catch a snack at Great American Cookies do lunch. Window shopping helps you know the other person better. If you don’t feel like being around the food court, hang out and chat. 


Depending on what is comfortable, convenient, and affordable to both parties, there are endless romantic things to do in Owensboro. You have activities to choose from: sports, art, food, shopping, and sightseeing. Ask what your partner prefers and meet halfway. Avoid making assumptions; otherwise, it can be the worst date ever. 

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