Top 5 Romantic Things To Do In Palm Springs

So, what are some romantic things to do in Palm Springs? Perhaps you are spending some time here with your sweetheart and are wondering how you lovebirds can make the most of your time here. Most people know Palm Springs. Some are conscious about this knowledge, but most have it in movies and other productions but aren’t conscious about it. For the benefit of those who don’t know Palm Springs, let’s introduce it. Palm Springs is a desert resort city located in California. This is a luxurious resort perfect for honeymoons or just re-igniting that spark in a relationship. It has a lot of outdoor activities to partake in as a couple. These include biking, golfing, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, tennis, clubbing, shopping and fine dining, among others.

Palm Springs landscape

The city hosts a music festival every year, and the festival always brings out a lot of celebrities from different genres in the entertainment industry. Palm Springs is diverse in terms of culture, so no matter what type of couple you are, you will definitely find a couple of romantic things to enjoy and cherish. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the activities you can partake in as a couple in the Palm Springs.

Spa La Quinta

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What’s a romantic getaway without making a stop at a spa. The Spa La Quinta is found in the La Quinta Resort, and it is best known for the best experience it offers. They have a wide range of treatment therapies which include Garden bath, Aromatherapy bath, Grounding Earth Reflexology and all these are done in a private garden featuring a cleansing with Balinese spices before opening your energy pathways through the feet. For those who need to get rid of body toxins, there are also body renewal treatments like the native element treatment. They includes Spanish sage and lime essential oils and the California essentials treatment which features avocado lotion and eucalyptus oil. For convenience, there is an onsite beauty salon for hairstyling, manicures and makeup, among others. As if all that is not enough, the spa also has steam rooms to further relax every muscle in the body.

Hot air balloon

This is a special ride of love, nothing beats a hot air balloon ride with your love. The ride takes you over some of the most picturesque landscapes like the Palm Springs golf course, polo fields, snow-capped mountains and of course the desert. Perks of each trip include in-flight champagne and complimentary shuttle service from major desert resorts. To really capture those memories you can arrange for in-flight photos and commemorative flight certificates. For those who like to defy the odds, you can even arrange to be wedded in the sky through Balloon above the desert or above the Coachella Valley. The pilots are very experienced, so the limitations on what you can do in the air are beyond the sky.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Nothing beats the Coachella Valley viewed from above. Seeing the valley from an aeroplane window is not an option when you have the aerial tramway. If you are the cautious couple but still want to see those breathtaking views of the desert, take a cable car into the mountains at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. This is the world’s largest rotating aerial tramway that gives you a twelve and a half minutes ride with a 360-degree view of the greater Palm Springs area as you climb 2.5 miles to mountain station in mount San Jacinto State Park. At the top is a breathtaking nature walk, not only that but you can also have a meal overlooking the Coachella Valley at Peaks restaurant. In the winter you forget hiking and play in the snow with your loved one.

Indian Canyons

This was once a community centre but is now a recreational oasis for hikers, horseback riders and nature lovers. The area’s hiking trails are among the best, featuring trails like Andreas Canyon, Murray Canyon and the Palm Canyon. There is a trading post that provides trail recommendations, hiking maps and water. To make your day even more romantic, packing a picnic won’t be a bad idea as there are really nice spots to sit and replenish your energy. Canyon visitors are sure to find streams, natural palm oases and canyon formations among other natural wonders waiting for them. The hiking trails have this fascinating feature that makes them still feel new even when one repeats the same trail. If you are a hiking pair, you should make sure to make a date with the Indian Canyons. 

Joshua Tree National Park

The park is less than an hour’s drive from the Palm Springs and there awaits immeasurable adventure. The park is also filled with hiking trails, scenic vistas and large rock formations. The Joshua tree lets you get close to nature which makes the park the perfect destination if you are looking to get back to nature. The alien-like boulders and twisted Joshua trees ensure the best hiking experience, you can choose to drive through the park, but I personally feel that makes you miss out on the details. The park comprises two deserts, low Colorado and the high Mojave, which come together at Joshua tree to create an almost 800 000 acre wonderland. The park is filled with both geological and floral wonders.


From museums to cable cars and everything in between, the Palm Springs offers the best for everyone. If you wish to get away but are worried about the kids, don’t worry about letting them tag along as there is something for everyone in the Palm Springs. The place has a lot more to offer than what is discussed. Our best pick will have to be the ride on the Hot Air Balloon, simply because it allows you to do anything in the sky.

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