7 Romantic Things To Do In Carmel

Carmel is a Central California coastal town that has a lot to offer. All the activities that are done here let you connect with nature, the community and most important of all your better half. The Mediterranean climate makes the vegetation in and around Carmel lush and green all year round, this coupled with its beautiful white sandy beaches attracts many tourists throughout the year.  

Point Lobos State Reserve

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It is undoubtedly the most beautiful two miles of seacoast in the world and is with no surprise one of Carmel’s top attractions. All photographers and painters have their hearts drawn to this magnificent park. If you are a hiking couple then you will enjoy the spectacular views of the endless ocean on the hiking trails.

Point Lobos State Reserve
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The music of the powerful waves crashing over rugged rocks can grow to calm you. The reserve also features narrow trails that meander through the pine forest or a rare Monterey cypress grove, orcas and grey whales occasionally pass slowly on the horizon.

The reserve also has wildlife like foxes, raccoons, mountain lions, rabbits, bobcats and hundreds of bird species. The water also harbours a lot of aquatic life, the diverse sea life makes it a paradise for divers. All these diverse and rare aquatic life is protected within the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Get Some Sand in your shoes at Carmel Beach

Carmel beach is famous for its soft beach which features white sand. This is the best place to soak up the sun as the sand is super soft, just don’t forget your sunscreen. This is one of the few beaches which allows dogs, so if you happen to own one do not hesitate to take in for a walk on the soft sand.

Sunset at Carmel Beach
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If you are into volleyball challenging another couple to a volleyball match might prove to be great exercise. Sometimes you just feel lazy, at this moment let out the young children in you and build sandcastles. The beach is excellent for swimming, but since there are no lifeguards, swimmers should be on the lookout for rip tides and rogue waves. You can also get married on the beach or renew your vows. 

Walk the line at Scenic Road Walkway

At the end of Ocean Avenue starts the scenic Road walkway. This is a walking and jogging path with a spectacular view on both sides. Take your loved one for a jog while you bond. On one side of the walkway is the endless ocean where you can see nature at its best, the other side features beautiful mansions.

Testimony to human ingenuity, the mansions are all different but very original. The walkway is just about 1.7 miles and offers some of the most romantic sunset strolls. You can relax and catch your breath on one of the many benches along the path. If you get hot and decide to cool off in the ocean, take one of the several stones or wooden stairways to the beach.

Eat your heart out at Mission Ranch Restaurant

This restaurant offers one of the best services and serves some of the best food in all of California. It has a spectacular view, with the Santa Lucia Mountains and Point Lobos with the endless expanse of the pacific ocean in front. The dining offers the best view. The restaurant serves classic American dishes selected for comfort. Soft live piano music tops it all off. Every Sunday is a celebrated event with buffet-style food and live jazz.

Get dramatic at Forest theatre

The theatre was founded in 1910, at that time it was one of the first outdoor theatres on the west coast. Its founder was the celebrated actor and director Herbert Heron, he was also the driving force that kept the theatre running.

The main focus of the theatre was to present original new works by California authors, to offer to the public greatest Shakespeare’s plays and foster children’s theatre. Heron created the small 60 seats indoor forest theatre in 1949. In 1972 the Forest Theatre Guild started producing musicals and have been producing a film series since 1997. It can be the getaway you are looking for next to art and productivity.

Shop till you drop at The Barnyard 

It is Carmel’s high-end shopping village which was built in 1976 with more than 45 merchants offering everything from high-end fashion clothing, art galleries and jewellery to eight great restaurants and various services. The village was renovated in 2005 after it was purchased by SIMA Barnyard, LLC. The worn out buildings benefited from new roofs, copper gutters, lovely fireplaces and charming mosaic paths.

It boasts of beautifully landscaped gardens bursting with colour and provides a tranquil oasis for relaxing. The gardens are a popular venue for weddings, this is no surprise as the garden is outstanding. Treat your loved one to a shopping date in this heaven of high-quality products.

Fall in love with cuisine at La Balena 

This is a piece of Tuscany found in downtown Carmel. It is full of lush plants to the lively kitchen where everything is prepared from scratch. The chef only uses fresh ingredients from the local farmers, everything is organic and he butchers his own meat and makes his own pasta.

The menu is rustic Italian with a twist of other special ingredients. Try the Osso Buco which is made with pork braised with orange and olive oil served with pine nut gremolata. La Balena has the best selection of Californian and Italian wines you will ever come across. It is really the place to be for food-loving couples. 


California has a lot to offer but Carmel is outstanding, it is the best that California has to offer. There are a lot of things to indulge yourselves in throughout Carmel. These are some of the best you can consider, of all these the best most romantic thing you can do is to take your better half to Point Lobos State Reserve for hiking while you observe the beautiful wildlife and shoot it with the harmless shots from your camera and also go diving to observe the aquatic life in the reserve. The list of things to do in Point Lobos State Reserve is endless. 

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