Most scenic route from Toronto to Vancouver

There are several ways to approach the fantastic journey of driving from Toronto to Vancouver. There are 4,400 kilometers(2,735 miles) between Toronto and Vancouver when driving a car. The quickest and shortest travel from Toronto to Vancouver takes 46 hours without crossing into the US. Your route may potentially pass through up to five Canadian …

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Most scenic route from the West Coast to the East Coast

The word “road trip” is essentially associated with the United States due to the extent of its “auto culture.” Even though you’ve lived in the United States your entire life, conversely, if you’ve only recently heard of it, some road journeys are tremendous and will give you a truly unforgettable experience. You can find some …

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Most scenic route from Auckland to Wellington

A journey from Auckland to Wellington allows you to explore New Zealand at your leisure and discover new areas. Traveling by automobile between the two largest cities on the North Island, Auckland and Wellington, guarantees you don’t miss out on the outstanding cultural, natural, and tourist features. White sandy beaches, boiling geysers, crystal-clear lakes, and …

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