Los Angeles

Where to stay near LAX

Wondering where to spend your vacation near LAX? Do not worry, we have compiled a list of all the possible categories you can think of. These vary from hotels, hostels, apartments and vacation rentals. Pay attention to the amenities, your budget and the number of people accompanying you. Choose the right accommodation near LAX for …

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Where to stay between San Francisco and Los Angeles

There are vast places where you can stay between San Francisco and Los Angeles, depending on your budget and preference, ranging from classics to newer resorts that blend beautifully with the landscape, showing those glorious views.  For low-budget accommodation, consider camping options such as state parks and national forests, hostels and budget hotels, or some …

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Most walkable areas in Los Angeles

Overall, the walkability of Los Angeles is rapidly improving. Following decades of investment in car-centered infrastructure, the city and county have begun to increase investment in community redevelopment. Light rail, buses, bike lanes, and other modes of public transportation are now more accessible to residents. Surprisingly, certain L.A. areas are ideally suited to a car-free …

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