Most Scenic route from Phoenix to Seattle

Headed to Seattle from Phoenix? The eastern seaboard of the United States is dotted with some of America’s most beautiful natural scenery, including stunning beaches, quaint towns, breathtaking forests, and grand mountains. You’ll find plenty of things to do and places to see no matter where you travel. But which route would you take to get there? It is quite a lengthy drive to get from the hot Sonoran desert to America’s Northwest. We have prepared the Most Scenic route from Phoenix to Seattle to enjoy!

The entire road trip should take about 42 hours and 23 minutes to complete—the distance totals over 2,302-miles which should, on average, cost you about $500 for fuel. Many travelers spread this driving period over six days taking the CA-1 and US-101 to enjoy the majestic sites fully.

Traditional tourist areas such as Hells Canyon Scenic Byway and Yakima Valley bring in thousands of tourists every year. These areas are known to have some extravagant wine regions and redwood groves that you shouldn’t miss. The route generally takes you across Arizona and through California into Oregon. In this article, we help you to prepare for this long yet satisfying drive.

Highlights of the Most Scenic route from Phoenix to Seattle

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Moapa Valley Drive

Travel Overview: 5 hours 58 minutes — 347 mi

This is one of the journey’s longest and most enjoyable strips, taking over 347 miles to complete with this guide. The estimated time you will be driving for is just under 6 hours. During summer, many travelers choose to go where temperatures are frequently around 100°F. On this route, you will see Lake Mead which offers a piece of sky to enjoy with the seared desertscape of Southeastern Nevada’s Mojave Desert. There is also a museum on this route that combines the marinas and sandy beaches. This Redrock area is known as the Valley of Fire and should not be missed. Hoover Dam is also on the route, and 110 miles of driving should buy you the chance to see the Lost City Museum at 721 South Moapa Valley. The “Lost City” is Nevada’s most significant Ancestral Puebloan settlement. Your journey from there continues South from Overton on Route 169. This route should allow you to see a silica sand mine and a desert-scape.

Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway

Travel Overview: 6 hours 2 minutes — 353 mi

In the Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway, all roads lead somewhere spectacular. This area, known as the Elko region, is a glacier-carved range. It is commonly referred to as the Ruby Mountains, and you can only access this area by using the Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway. The journey should take over 6 hours to complete if you stop enjoying the sites. The road is mainly paved, making it ideal for photography. There are numerous interpretive signs and beaver ponds in this scenic Byway. Fresh air and beautiful landscapes await those looking to spread a blanket and enjoy a picnic. Fitness travelers can embark on some enticing hiking, backpacking, and cycling. Hunters are also welcomed on this trip as the route accommodates big-game hunting, e.g., Full grown elk. Fishing is also available to travelers. 

Wallowa Lake Highway

Travel Overview: 7 hours 52 minutes — 439 mi

Many travelers recommend this route because of its calming natural views. As you head through OR-351 down Wallowa Lake Highway, it provides an excellent opportunity for serenity. The drive’s distance should take under 8 hours to complete if you want to see all the scenery. The state park gives direct access to the lake and hiking opportunities. There is also a tramway on Wallowa Lake that can take you to the top of the mountain. Many travelers enjoy the fantastic views offered by the Wallowa Mountains. The final stop at the Whitman National Forest offers peaceful lakes and waterfalls that you can swim and fish in.

Hells Canyon Scenic Byway

Travel Overview: 1 hour 44 minutes — 77 mi

The Hells Canyon Scenic Byway on this route is about 77 miles long. Many travelers spend close to 2 hours refreshing themselves at this stop. The Wallowa Mountains Canyon has excellent views for tourists who enjoy outdoor adventures. Hells Canyon offers something for fine art seekers who want the indigenous culture. Various sites exist to stop and appreciate some local hand-crafted beer lovers. The area is considered one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon and is a must-see.

Yakima Valley

Travel Overview: 2 hours 12 minutes — 132 mi

The Yakima River Canyon is one of the most scenic drives for travelers using the route. It offers a world-class drive for travelers visiting Washington State. Many travelers choose this method because it embodies the Central Washington experience. Travelers enjoy the scenic shrub-steppe vistas and rich geological heritage. You will spend close to two hours browsing the area. It has a total distance of 181 miles and runs south from the city of Union Gap to Toppenish. To access this road, you will need to take US-97 through Goldendale. This route will join with SR-14 at the Columbia River.  

You can expect to enjoy seeing the farming towns and general remote wilderness of the area.

Mountains to Sound Greenway byway

Travel Overview: 55 minutes — 44 mi

The Mountains to Sound Greenway is located on Interstate I-90. It is one of the most popular routes you can try generating over 20 million tourists a year. The location is highly recreational and has many important historical and cultural sites. The journey is relatively short and should take under an hour to complete. The wildlife in the area is exciting, with various decorative on-ramps and conifer trees guiding you along the journey with their beauty. Expect to see lush green forests and pastoral valleys as you drive. There is ample marine beauty to be seen through Puget Sound. This experience is topped off with a dramatic mountain landscape that shows off the Byway’s beautiful geology and hometown style.


Miles from Phoenix to Seattle

The distance between Phoenix and Seattle is 2.302 miles

Most scenic route from Phoenix to Portland

The most scenic route from Phoenix to Portland takes you through the US-20 west, then take OR-22. In Detroit, turn right onto NF-46.

Driving from Seattle to phoenix through California

Driving through California will take you through I-10 and I-5. The journey is 1,510 miles and will take 24 hours to complete. 

Best RV route from Phoenix to Seattle

The best route for RVs driving from Phoenix to Seattle is the U.S. Route 93.

Best route from Seattle to Phoenix in winter

Driving Via I-84 E and US-93. It should take 22 hours and 5 mins to complete the total distance of 1,414.6 miles. 

Seattle to phoenix driving routes

I-84 and US-93 are the shortest routes from Seattle to Phoenix.

Phoenix to Seattle through Utah

This journey should take about 24 hours to complete. The distance is 1,497 miles when you use the I-84.

The most scenic route to Tucson from Seattle

The scenic route to Tucson from Seattle is through I-5 south to LA, then I-10 to Tucson.

Best RV winter route from Seattle to Phoenix

If you drive an RV from Seattle to Phoenix, some roads will not be ideal. We recommend taking the Run I-15 south in Utah, then to 89 south.

How long is the flight from Phoenix to Seattle

The average time for a flight from Phoenix to Seattle is Three hours and 5 minutes. 

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