Scenic route Jackson to Salt Lake City

Are you planning a road trip from Jackson to Salt Lake City and wondering how to take it in the scenes? It is one of the most exciting journeys that you can take. It is about 4 hours 35 minutes, 278 miles nonstop drive. There are a lot of glorious and wondrous places that you can pass by and gain a lot of thrilling experiences. We have planned the trip for you so that it becomes more enjoyable.

Travel for two days and spend 13 hours 2 minutes driving the 425 miles of passing through the most scenic places that you will never forget.

Day 1 Greys River Road

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4 hours 9 minutes

About 116 miles

You need about 8 hours to travel the 217 miles from Jackson, passing by Greys River Road and Hardware Ranch Scenic byway until you reach Logan.

Greys River Road is a tremendous leisurely drive, an excellent alternate back route to get to Salt Lake City. You can pass through viewing some antelope, deer, and eagles that will be soaring the mountain thermals.

Many people will be doing a variety of fun activities at Greys River. You can find anglers, hikers, campers, and RVers at the riverside.

Hardware Ranch Scenic Byway

The scenic byway is 101 miles which requires about 3 hours 52 minutes. Make sure you travel along Hardware Ranch Scenic Byway when it’s not raining or cold. Some most brutal winter records have been broken there.

You can visit the Hardware Wildlife Management area and get a chance to view a lot of wildlife there. View the most amazing Elk and if you travel in summer, enjoy great trails which you can trail and ride on. The scenery is so breathtaking.

There are pleasant picnic areas along the river. These places have picnic tables and grills, for example, the Shenoah Picnic area and Hyrum City Park. Moreover, you can enjoy volleyball at the Hyrum City Park, which has a volleyball net, basketball hoop and a lot of play equipment.

Stop in Logan, UT, and enjoy a one-night sleep at the most amazing places. You can sleep at the Super 8 by Wyndham. The staff is so courteous and helpful with beautiful rooms.

Logan is full of pleasant valleys and nearby canyons and mountains. Many people enjoy hiking in the mountains and visiting the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art. It features modern and contemporary art exhibitions. The Zootah zoo is another place to stay. Very small but well packaged with various animals such as the lemurs, Elk, and bobcats.

Day 2 Tony Grove Lake

208 miles About 5 hours 3 minutes

Focus on these few scenes, including Tony Grove Lake, Logan Canyon Scenic Byway, Old Ephraim’s Grave, until you reach Salt Lake City.

Tony Grove Lake is an 18-mile drive requiring about 30 minutes. It has fantastic summer wildflowers, especially during July and August. I love the tremendous eye-catching profusion of paintbrushes, lupines, daisies, and geraniums. Tony Grove Lake has unique geology and abundant animal and plant life if you love geology.

You can also find a campground with 37 campsites for camping activities. There’s a fully accessible boardwalk and a picnic area near the Lake and multiple track trails that lead to places such as the Mt. Naomi Wilderness or White Pine Lake. Tony Grove Lake isn’t a place to miss.

Logan Canyon Scenic Byway

Travel about 38 minutes the 24 miles byway. The scenic drive involves driving along the Logan River and through Logan Canyon. There is varied terrain found at the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. It has outstanding views of Bear Lake’s turquoise waters. This is where you can enjoy exciting winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. 

Found also along the area are small bodies of water used for fishing by the fishermen. I love the most beautiful trail located along this route, the Riverside Nature Trail, which follows the Logan River. You can usually see beavers and other animals. Wind caves are nearby, offering you the spring wildflowers. Enjoy spectacular views of the Canyon and Bear River mountains.

Travel one for a long time and view the Old Ephraim’s Grave. Take a short walk and consider Ricky’s Spring with crystal clear water. Logan Canyon is so incredible.

Old Ephraim’s Grave

Old Ephraim was the last known bear in Utah, famous for killing sheep and other livestock. There’s a stone marker you can find representing the considerable bear that died at the place. The long hike requires about 50 minutes of traveling the 22 miles. It is an incredible scenic roadside attraction drive. You can find beautiful mountains, expansive fields of wildflowers, and a few beaver dams. There are also gorgeous meadows, a forest of evergreen leafed trees, and small trees; It is so amazing viewing all the beautiful nature.

Salt Lake City, UT

Finally, drive the last 2 hours 15 minutes 105 miles into Salt Lake City. Ever had the statement “This is the Place” said by Mormon leader Brigham after laying his eyes at the Salt Lake Valley? Salt Lake City is unique. It is surrounded by soaring mountains, canyons, and various breathtaking natural beauty.

In love with history and wildlife, visit the Great Salt Lake and learn as much history as you can. The City has excellent sunset views at the Ensign Peak with a monument at the Peak. Get memorable photos at sight. Nearby are the City Creek Canyon and Mill Creek Canyon; enjoy great hikes and take the scenic canyon drives.

One of the gorgeous places located in the City is Silver Lake, surrounded by picturesque scenery with a pond that kids can stroll. Stroll the grounds for beautiful views at the Place Heritage Park, full of outdoor museum activities.

You can find a lot of history at the place, and you will admire Sugar House Park, full of beautiful trails and good playgrounds such as basketball courts. The park also offers excellent outdoor activities and recreational areas suitable for picnic and mountain views. Sugar House Park is just National Geographic at which you can get all the remarkable experiences.

Salt Lake City is a wonder! It is full of incredible views and unique scenic places that you will never forget.

These scenic drives make Jackson’s route to Salt Lake City unique. Travelling can become something you can enjoy and collect thrilling memories if you want to. Jackson to Salt Lake City is about 4 hours nonstop drive, but it is boring to conduct such a route without experiencing the most out of it. Start the trip now and be delighted with the many breathtaking views that nature can offer.

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