Most Scenic Route from Florida to Colorado

The most memorable way to travel with family and friends is taking a road trip from Florida to Colorado. The journey might be demanding as you get to spend four days on the road, but with family, it’s worth it. Try Florida to Colorado route, and will leave you smiling as it offers stunning landscapes. The road trip has a lot of instore from excellent food to outdoor activities- a trip to remember once tried.

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Take a detour in Alabama.

It is 537 miles of an adventure of a lifetime. Be indulged with a mixture of 4 days trip, enchanting resting places and beautiful attractions.

7 hours 59 minutes.

Budget- $196,71 to $200,00 of fuel.

Rest your head in a comfortable and affordable hotel in Alabama at Quality Inn Moss Point and Hampton Inn Moss Point Pascagoula.

Have a splendid meal at the Ozzy Restaurant and Sam’s Super Burger. Mouthwatering food will tingle your taste buds.

There are places of interest you should never miss such as the Presley’s Outing, Beach and Pool Clubs and Gunport. At Gunport, they offer lessons and workshops to assist people in good aiming with the gun for defence purposes.

The small town is friendly, filled with people with welcoming hearts will assist you in getting to a place of interest. It is a small town with a charm and has a large sector of agriculture for the farmers at heart.

Top sights

It has the main motive to entertain visitors from all over the world and locals daily. The city offers a variety of exciting activities for all ages such as Old fellows festival park. The Old Festival Park is rich in consumers who sell fresh farm products to people, an amusement park for children to play games, hosting games to test the unity of families. It is regarded as an excellent venue for a family get together.

The Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area offer a family-friendly atmosphere as every second is filled with a fantastic experience. Get to experience the bird trails, alligators, snakes, frogs.

Leave your car and hike the Grand Savanna Bay Nature Preserve and get to witness the pride of Grand Bay. It offers pitcher plants and has a vast number of different flora and fauna. Indeed it is history in the making with endangered species brought to existence.

Although it is a small town, its marine fishery and archaeological are blissful and a must-see with family. Don’t forget to carry that camera, pictorial events await your joy and smile. It is a perfect stop to engage in family activities which you will laugh around together during your dinner as a family.


Lindale, Texas

Seven hours 59 minutes journey.

A promising 489 miles with family and friends into Smith County is the best choice to make in life. It is well known as the Fruit and berry centre. Its Roses are produced in Lindale and exported to other states in the States. Hence, the atmosphere of romance begins in Lindale. Try Lindale and leave your partner beaming with joy.

It is the right destination for shopping, entertainment and dining in East Texas. While visiting Lindale, you might be impressed by the following places and what they have to offer.

The Jefferson – steam train rides, steamboats on Caddo Lake, Jefferson Carnegie Library. 

Gladewater – the antique capital of East Texas, Gusher Days, Roundup Rodeo,

Gilmer – Historic Upshur Museum, Lake Gilmer, East Texas Yamboree

It is an all fun package with different places to see. Stop and get acquainted with the nature and people of Lindale, a journey you will forever, love and embrace.


Vega, Texas

7 hours 59 minutes

The 489 miles, Vega Texas is an adventure one should put in her bucket list. Get to understand to be part of the other side of the world trying different cities way of living. Vega might be small but offers photography actions more than eating. It is full of ancient buildings with a different story to tell.

Be part of people who get to take pictures of themselves on Route 66. The city offers outdoor activities such as viewing the state parks, shimmering lakes, meandering rivers and taking a family hike with friends.

Get the daring adventure of getting to know the history of the town and also to visit the Boys Ranch and Boot Hill Cemetery and be able to pay your respect. It may sound like a personal tour, but it is worth to know the other side of life.


5 hours 15 minutes

Three hundred and twenty-nine miles to Colorado Springs is what all travellers want to hear. It is a trip fit for royalty as different people in all these states will get you equipped with the proper knowledge.

Colorado Springs is one of the largest municipal states in the country. It is famous for its tourist attraction which lures visitors every year, and these are The Broadmoor Seven Falls, Cave Of The Winds Mountain Park, Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods Park.

It is also home to cultural and historical monuments such as the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and the American Numismatic Association Money Museum. Definitely, an educational trip which will have knowledge fit for an A pass in the exam.

The city entertains people through the Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center. These games bring in visitors and inspire health and fitness amongst the people.


The different states are offering memories. Try and have fun, sing at the back of the car and gaze at the wonder to nature’s beautiful sceneries. Try to make the right decision for your family and surprise them with a magnificent road trip which is Gods Paradise. By taking the Grand Bay, Lindale in Texas, Vega in Texas and lastly the Colorado springs you guaranteed a journey you will never forget. Enjoy an adventure, which is worth every money you spend.

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