Most Scenic Places from Seattle to Portland

Close your eyes and feel the beauty. Feel the dense forest around and the hills beneath your feet, let the sound of trickling water call you near, come close and take a look. Let the senses guide you, let them take you to the edge of the cliff and now open your eyes and bask in the wonder, the place you never knew! 

Take me to Portland from Seattle, the golden states… A place of excitement and splendour with a view like no other. From the rocky hills to the deep waters, one can almost feel the hand of creation in their beauty…the amazing accident!

Lake Sacajawea

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Established in 1924, the man-made lake is situated in Longview, Washington with its water being sourced from Cowlitz River. It got its name after a Shoshone woman had escorted two men through their Pacific Ocean expedition. It is the best place to have an adventure with the family at an affordable budget. Come, stay and get blown away by its massive luscious creations.

Its 3.5 miles of trail are eccentric as you get the perfect view of the diversified flora and fauna, graceful tiled fountains will melt your heart. A great vacation full of life starts on Lake Sacajawea with its charming style which on top of this world.

A park which is well vexed with accommodating people through creating memories with various fun activities for people of all ages. The park offers activities such as kayaking, canoeing, picnic, fishing with all-year-round fishing. Visitors can tour by taking the Solar System Walk and connect with nature. Get top-notch access to making a unique experience, memorable. Enjoy fully as every moment at the lake will give you a reason to smile.

After a long day, of getting to know the Park and its existence, a night concert on the lake is a perfect way to end the day in jovial stance. Children get to play or roam around on the playgrounds. Pack your bags and surprise your family with a fun adventure like none other. Travel and boast to others through social media with lovely pictures of the gorgeous you will glance on and activities that will make you feel young and at home. Don’t be left out, enjoy.

 Silver Lake

The 3000 acres is located on Mount St. Helens in Washington. The 2.25 miles meant for runners and walkers is something to be added on your bucket list. Get ready for the perfect, adventurous moments of your life through the Silver Lake. The lake will definitely make your stay by giving you the best value offer under the Greek sky.

The trails will make your outlook camping sites, boating and fishing. Silver Lake Resort has a perfect view, overseeing the waters for those with a lazy bone to hike. It gives the luxury of being you through heavenly experience.

Sightseeing and guidebooks are offered from the friendly locals as there is no travel without getting equipped with the right knowledge about a place. The visitors always a good sight to welcome visitors and make them family. The local enjoy taking good care of the visitors like family. Already feeling at home with this? You will more at the lake; start planning and you will never regret the goodness of life.

After a long touring day, get yourself relaxed and cosy at Cafe Stella and visit the locally sourced food from the markets and oyster bar, the night bar. All needs positioned on one plate, what’s there to miss when such hospitality is divine.

Wake up to the refreshing morning bliss of good coffee at the hotel and a good healthy lunch before kicking it up for the day. The lake makes you enhance life around mouthwatering food. Stay at the Lake and you will definitely feel like a Queen with its special treatments and entertainment which is far the best in the world.

Mount St. Helens Visitor Centers

The biggest landslide in recorded history since 1980 was Mount St. Helens’ eruption. It’s located in Skamania County. As a way to accommodate visitors of all ages to be equipped about the castle rock’s history and great visions, the Forest Learning Center is free. The “eruption chamber” is impressive.

Get the daring adventure and get the best view of the famous eruptive volcanoes at St Mount Helens. Discover the difference and uniqueness that makes this feature spectacular to visitors all over the work. It is a true masterpiece with its natural layers that capture the eye. Your soul will definitely meet with nature’s art to have visitors flood the centre. 

Lewis and Clark State Park

6 miles northeast of Winlock, Lewis County, Washington was established in 1922 with the notion of showing the heavenly bed of nature to people from all walks of life. This park is irresistible and right on budget for everyone.

The park delivers the sensational leisure hiking and horseback on the trail as you get to view the other side of the world. It also offers Camping sites, picnic spots, boating, playground ground hence a perfect place to enjoy life with family and friends.

The park happens to be pregnant with history and it lies on the shores of Blue Lake. Its nature of touring around the towering trees, enhancing beauty through wildlife watching of squirrels and deers. This is definitely a new set of experiencing a good vacation.

For lovers of the water, the beach is fit swimming and sunbathing. This is a new way of living and relaxing like never before on the beach.

The Olympic Flight Museum

Gain knowledge of history by being acquainted with the ancient museum of the Olympic Flight in Olympia. The museum was established in 1998 at the Olympia Regional Airport in Olympia, Washington. The history of flight lives in the museum.

The Museum holds 20 old aircraft which is highly maintained, there are also military trainers at the museum and ancient helicopters. Explore the air in style and forget about the ground for once. The museum annually hosts an air show which gets visitor attention as they come in flocks.

Do not be left out and explore these places on your way to Portland from Seattle. This journey is a luxury everyone can afford and deserves.

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