Most Scenic Route from New York to Boston

Are you traveling from New York City to Boston and fancying a scenic route? Ooh, let’s get going through the route’s most glamorous cities, natural wonders, and forested hideouts in the Pacific region. The total trip is approximately  216 miles / 350 km requiring at least 4 hours of non-stop driving. 

To make long and lasting experiences, stop by varying places and explore many cultural and historical hidden gems. Travelling in spring and autumn, you will see unique colourful flowers along the way. I’m sure by now you are ready to tap into the most scenic route from New York City to Boston.

Scenic Route with exciting detours

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279 miles

about 6 hours 14 minutes of driving

about $47.93 of fuel

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Get Started in New York City

If New York is your starting point, then you cannot leave without viewing the memorial Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, not forgetting Central Park. 

What about the Big Apple? You haven’t been to New York if you never visited the Big Apple. Get a glimpse of it and get ready for another stop in your adventurous journey.

Stop by Bridgeport, CT 

The Bridgeport area is best known for its best beaches. So, thinking of a place to cool off your body temperature, the seaside in Fairfield County, CT, is endowed with soft, beautiful sand devoid of rocks and shells. You wouldn’t have been in Bridgeport if you didn’t get Seaside Park. 

It’s worth being at a place where your kids find enough space to place baseball and soccer, so Bridgeport is the right spot! Find a spot to sit on logs at Lake Mohegan. The Lake has a beautiful view and attraction of nature. Trail walk while you get pictures of the Lake. Bridgeport is a quarter of the entire journey to Boston.

Don’t Miss New Haven, CT.

New Haven is almost a third of the entire journey. It is most known as the home of Yale University, and it’s one of the largest cities in Connecticut(CT). Are you a food lover like me? I am one person who loves to taste the best of what every city offers.

Visit Elm City Social and light up your taste buds. The city is indeed the home of Yale University, and you cannot leave without knowing why. Visit Yale University Art gallery and view the best displayed artistic work. The pieces of art are on a world level.

The East Rock Park with the 112 foot high Soldier Monument is a great pleasure to visit and view this historical art at the Park’s Summit. New Haven is well known for its beautiful railway roads. Do you want to know why? 

Visit the New Haven Railroad Station to get all the answers. Do not leave without touring the great Yale University. There’s so much history at Yale University. The institution has some buildings built with very prominent architects, take a tour and watch some videos for a few minutes at the visitors centre.

Let’s get started in Connecticut. I love Connecticut, a state that is full of centurion history. You can move from different towns and cities in Connecticut, getting Revolutionary history, Late late Cultural inventions. It is the home of records and innovations. Ready for Connecticut? Get started with the touring as you head towards the final destination. 

Just a Quick One in Hartford, CT

Hartford is one city that you cannot pass by because of its beautiful Parks and Nature attractions. Bushnell Park, Riverside Park, The Goodwin Park, and enjoy fishing. This city in Connecticut is worth visiting, and art lovers will be impressed to see the Wadsworth Atheneum full of decorative arts. 

Exhibit science at the Connecticut Science Center. Get your kids to make their weather forecasts on the Planet Earth in the Museum. Any garden lovers, you haven’t seen much if you never visited Elizabeth Park Rose Garden. The garden is so fresh with Roses and different plants.

Striking Activities at Old Sturbridge Village, MA

You need 54 minutes to get into Sturbridge from New Haven. Spend about an hour and enjoy the peaceful walks in the village. It’s a perfect place with so much history of the old village setups—full of old natural elements including farms, costumed historians etc. 

The city has preserved history as late as the 1800s. Sturbridge takes you back into the account of livestock care, gardening, homesteading chores and so on. It is full of entertainment and education as well. 

Sturbridge is a place where you get to hop aboard a horse-drawn carriage. Ride around the village and have some fun. You can also visit the village farms and watch the old chickens, sheep and cattle. Farms include the Freeman farm, Towne Barn etc. Smithies will be busy forging tools for use in the village, visiting the Craftsmen and Trade Shops. This village is a living Museum.

Spectacular places at Concord, MA

The Concord Colonial Inn is one of the spectacular places that have Revolutionary history. It is an excellent Monument with landmarks of the nation’s literature. Drive for about an hour from Sturbridge to reach Concord. Already you are in Boston just a few minutes close. Run through Old Northbridge and feel the history of the American War of Independence. It is a well built wooden bridge. 

Have a touch of the spearheads that were made long in history from the Concord Museum. The Museum is a collection of all the cultural and historical elements. 

Take a picture in the Minute Man National Historical Park; the park is well built and celebrates the first day of the American War of Independence. Travelling with family, take the kids to the Verrill Farm. The farm is full of family entertainment, including farm to table dinners and eating competitions. 

Ever seen a house built in the 1800s? The Ralph Waldo Emerson House in Concord, built-in 1828, is a private museum with beautiful gardens and a Walden Pond. One unique touring activity in Concord is walking through the Cemeteries. Take a peaceful tour hearing the sound of the silent stones at the Melvin Memorial and the historic graves of the city’s literary giants.

Amazing Detours on the Way

Ocean Drive

The Newport Loop

Distance: 9 miles (14 km)

Duration: 22 minutes

Seasons: All Seasons

Roadways: Bellevue Drive, Carroll Ave, Harrison Ave, Narragansett Ave, Ocean Ave, Ridge Road, and Thames Street

Just 4 hours from Manhattan, Newport, Rhode Island feels like a world away. Immerse yourself in the salty breeze of seaside air, crashing waves and extravagant, historic mansions on this spectacular scenic drive that loops around the island’s rugged Atlantic Ocean coast. Relax and enjoy fresh seafood, leisurely boat watching and quaint local shops. [More About Ocean Drive]

Rhode Island 77

The Quiet Corner

Distance: 13 miles (21 km)

Duration: 21 minutes

Seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall

Roadways: Rhode Island 77

This is a peaceful corner of Rhode Island, replete with miles of unspoiled shoreline, pasture, woodland and vineyards. Don’t miss sampling the regional flavors, including the clear broth Rhode Island “Chowda” made with hearty chunks of potato and tender, juicy Quahog clams. Or deep-fried delectable fish and seafood and Coffee Milk, a beverage created by mixing milk with coffee syrup. Work all that off with a long beach stroll — or two. [More About Rhode Island 77]

Finally The Charming Boston City

It is indeed a scenic route, isn’t it? About 35 minutes from Concord, and you are already in Boston. After such a long trip, get a night of sleep in Boston at its best hotels, including the Boston Park Plaza or the Revolution Hotel. Boston City is well known as a city of ‘Firsts’ because of different innovations coming from the city. 

It is a city that is full of cultural attractions. Do not forget to view the old Statehouse and the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museums. Also, add the Legal Harborside to your list if you are a food lover like me!

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