Most scenic route from Edinburgh to Inverness

A journey along one of Scotland’s most beautiful drives may provide all of this and more, whether you’re looking to see stunning mountains, sprawling farms, the wild Atlantic coastline, or charming islands. If you’re on a road trip from Edinburgh to Inverness, we did the homework and came up with a list of unique places to stop. Therefore, taking a beautiful drive from Edinburgh to Inverness is an excellent choice if you’re seeking the ideal Scottish road vacation without committing to the dangerous country roads of the North Coast 500.

If you want to take an incredible road trip through some of Scotland’s best locations, then here is the guide for you. It’s the ideal route for nature, history, and whisky fans. The A9, which passes through stunning Highland landscape and across the Drumochter and Slochd Summits, is the most direct (and picturesque) route. The drive from Edinburgh to Inverness is roughly 155 miles (250 kilometers) long. Even though it should only take about 3 hours and 15 minutes nonstop in a car without traffic, there are various exciting stops to make if you take the scenic route, so you could spend a few days traveling between the two cities.


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West Lothian in Scotland is the Linlithgow town. The alternate name for the county, Linlithgowshire, indicates that it is the county town of West Lothian. It is an old town situated south of Linlithgow Palace and Linlithgow Loch and north of the Union Canal. You can stop at Linlithgow on your route to Inverse. Linlithgow makes up around 16 percent of your way to Inverse and is about 11 minutes off the main road. You can see its most beautiful locations. The main attraction in this historic town situated midway between Falkirk and Edinburgh is Linlithgow Palace. This magnificent ruin from the 15th century is precisely next to Linlithgow Loch. A stroll down the High Street exposes numerous antique structures and multiple old “wynds” and “closes.”


Visit Dunfermline as you continue traveling. A town, parish, and former royal burgh in Fife, Scotland, Dunfermline is on high terrain three miles from the Firth of Forth’s northern shore. There are currently an estimated 58,508 people living in the town. Scotland’s National Records estimate that 76,210 people live in the Greater Dunfermline region. Only 4 minutes separate Dunfermline from the main road, and it is only 17% of the way to Inverse.

St Andrews

You may stroll past St. Andrews. The name St Andrews is well-known in the golfing community. It is around a 1.5 hour drive from the city and hugs the windswept coast of eastern Scotland. It also has what is possibly the most renowned course in the entire UK. The Old Course is its name and frequently serves as the site of important international competitions. There is also a famous university here, no less the third oldest in the UK. And this entails many cultural activities in addition to the holes in one. Visit the erie St Andrews Castle ruins and the St Andrews Museum’s local history exhibit to start.

The Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel, a Scottish monument that draws over 500,000 tourists annually, has been hailed as an engineering and artistic achievement. The Falkirk Wheel, which connects the Forth & Clyde Canal to the Union Canal 35 meters above ground and is the only spinning boat lift in the world, uses the same amount of energy to boil eight kettles to enable boats to soar through the air. Only 17 minutes separate the Falkirk wheel from the main road, and it is only 18% of the way to Inverness.


You will be approximately 27 percent of the way to Inverse if you take Perth off the main road for a minute. Perth is a city in central Scotland that is on the River Tay. The paintings of 20th-century Scottish Colourist John Duncan Fergusson and those of his wife, dancer Margaret Morris, can be found in the Fergusson Gallery, which is in a former circular water tower. The Black Watch Museum displays uniforms, medals, weapons, and paintings at Balhousie Castle, the Black Watch regiment’s historic home. Perth Museum and Art Gallery are close by.


Eastern Scotland’s Firth of Tay estuary is home to the coastal city of Dundee. Just 26 minutes off the main road, Dundee is 31% of the way to Inverness. Two maritime museums are on its revitalized waterfront: HM Frigate Unicorn, a 19th-century frigate, and RRS Discovery, as well as Captain Scott’s Antarctic expedition ship. Verdant Works, a museum honoring the city’s history of jute production, is located north of the lake. Archaeological artifacts and works of art are present at The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery & Museum.


The most accessible spot to locate scenic activities is in Crieff, Scotland. Crief is 32% of the way to Inverness and 15 minutes off the main road. Scottish market town Crieff is in Perth and Kinross. It is on the A822 between Greenloaning and Aberfeldy and the A85 between Perth and Crianlarich. To go to Dunfermline, the A822 connects to the A823. Crieff is now a major tourist destination known for its whisky and its past of cattle droving. In Crieff, it will be challenging to discover activities that aren’t surrounded by picturesque scenery.


On the River Tay in Perth and Kinross, Scotland, is the burgh of Aberfeldy. Aberfeldy is a tiny market town in Highland Perthshire. It is well-known for being mentioned in Robert Burns’ poem The Birks of Aberfeldy. Aberfeldy is 41% of the way to Inverness and 13 minutes off the main road to Inverse. It is impossible to talk about Aberfeldy without mentioning the lush surroundings of nature and forests. There are many things to explore, including hiking paths through wooded areas, waterfalls, Highland safaris, and castles. You won’t be dissatisfied after you visit this picturesque Scottish town in Perthshire because there is something on the list for everyone.

Cairngorm Reindeer Herd

Close to Inverse is the Cairngorm Reindeer herd. The distance to Inverness is only one minute off the main road. In all likelihood, you haven’t encountered a wild reindeer while touring Scotland. And this is because there is only one herd of wild animals, and they are confined to the stunning, untamed Cairngorm Mountains. And you may see them by going on a walk escorted by a ranger. The Cairngorm Reindeer Herd is the only herd of reindeer that roams freely in Britain, and you may find it in the Scottish Cairngorm Mountains. All who visit and observe these gentle animals find them to be a delight.


Elgin, a charming tiny town in the Moray region only about 40 miles east of Inverness, is the place to go if you still want to give yourself additional stops before arriving there. In addition to being the location of the Glen Moray whisky distillery, Elgin is also home to one of the gorgeous city centers in the region and a cashmere industry. Elgin is also a relatively unique destination on your Edinburgh to Inverness road trip, so even if you’re traveling during the height of the high season, you probably won’t find it without tourists.


Organizing a trip from Edinburgh to Inverness can seem complex once you realize how many unique places there are to see! The places you visit on this Scottish road trip are fascinating, and they will continue to astound you long after you have left Scotland.

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