Diving in Gozo: Ultimate Guide

Considering going diving in Gozo? Diving is one of the most common extremes that most people on vacations and trips enjoy doing. If you’re a fan of water and aquatic life I believe that diving is probably one of the things you’d love the most. You can expect a lot in Gozo, and if you are a fan of diving then best believe this may just be one of the best places to be at. 

In Gozo, diving is quite popular. From tourists planning trips just to go and experience diving, to many locals exploiting the area. The best thing is that it is backdropped by amazing underwater scenery. Plus the fact that there are over 50 sites you can choose from, even if you aren’t a fan of diving. You will definitely find something in Gozo. 

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Waters in Gozo

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Gozo is an island in the Mediterranean sea with beautiful clear water that is amazing. One of the main reasons people visit Gozo is to enjoy a few splashes in the beautiful water. Unlike in Mya where the beaches are very popular, Gozo has a few beaches that rarely have visitors making them quite relaxing and perfect for a leisurely day. 

Gozo also has a lot of places of interest that many people enjoy visiting. The Island itself was thought of as the home of a mystical backwater and hence holds very mystical sites that curious may love to visit. All Malta islands have something to offer, and you have to be sure that you are ready to receive it. From deeply and lightly colored waters, to the marine line and the underwater scenery. A trip here could be an experience you’d never forget. 

Diving sites

When it comes to diving, Gozo is quite popular for that because it has clear waters and a lot of underground scenery that people would love to see. Gozo is rated as one of the best diving plots and it even offers all year round diving where you can explore all the caverns, reefs and even the most famous Blue hole. 

It has a lot of diving sites that offer great experience. However listing them all would be unnecessary as some are rarely visited. However there are five main sites that people normally go to which the as follows;

  1. Calypso Tunnel

This diving site is found just 100m offshore and north of the Marsalforn tower. It starts along the edge of the reef which is an extension of the above headland. 

  1. Qbajjar Bay

This diving site is very suitable for beginners as it is very easy and subtle. It has small sand patches and beds of neptune grass.

  1. Santa Maria Breakwater

This diving site is gently sloping hence is normally used for training purposes. It has a sandy seabed that is interpressed with large boulders and small beds of Neptune grass. 

  1. Għar Qawqla

For this diving site, the entry is found close to an offshore rock rising and is about 5m from the surface. You will find that since the 20th century this rock has been connected to land hence forming an incredible archway above water. 

  1. Ras il-Ħobż

Ras il-Ħobż, also known as Middle Finger for funny reasons, is best described as a huge column rising from the deep and stopping just 8 metres below the surface. They say the narrow channel between this rock and the shore is 35 metres deep whereas on the seaward side, the bottom drops dramatically to 100 or more metres.

Diving Experiences


Now besides knowing the sites you have to know how to get there. Gozo provides a number of diving courses in the case you want to learn. There a wide range of training options one can choose from to make their experience more exciting. 

Accompanied Diving

At this point it doesn’t matter how experienced you are in diving because these trips are led by expert divers. They are multilingual and can help you incase you get into trouble while diving.

Unaccompanied Diving

With this diving, you can hire a car that will be available and go diving on your own. However they do recommend that at least one person be an experienced diver who will manage to look out for the other divers

Technical Diving

This will allow divers to go deeper and to stay longer in the water which makes it easier for them to fully experience underwater life. They will be provided with the necessary knowledge and equipment for them to be able to go deeper and last longer underwater. 

The Blue Hole

The famous Blue Hole in Gozo is one of the most famous diving spots in Malta Islands. It is a round blue hole about 15 meters wide that seems carved into the surrounding rocks. It has an underwater arch located 10 meters below the surface that actually connects it to the open sea. 

It has a unique geological formation which is why so many freedivers love to dive there. This site has a water entrance area leading straight to the Coral Gardens. However, one needs to be very careful when entering the Blue hole because it has a lot of sharp rocks and sea urchins. 

Once in the Blue hole you will find yourself in the company of many marine life forms such as thicklip grey mullets and damselfish. The gorgeous Blue Hole and its underwater arch are for scuba divers and freedivers only. You might be tempted to be freedive but you shouldn’t practice freediving without specific formation and training.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, one may see that Diving in Gozo is definitely an experience worth vouching for. From all the beautiful sites that Gozo has to offer as well as the many courses, you can take in order to experience the best form. For vacations and trips, Gozo is an option if you are a fan of Tropical outlets. I mean it is an island in the Mediterranean after all. If you love water, beaches and swimming with the fish then maybe this could be an option for you.

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