6 of The Best Restaurants in Sliema

What are the best restaurants in Sliema? One of the best things about visiting a foreign place especially tropical areas is the new food that you get to eat. Sliema which is a county in Malta is one of the most amazing places especially if you love Tropical food and Mediterranean dishes. Sliema in the Central Region of Malta has so many restaurants to explore and today we will be looking at some of the best restaurants in Sliema that you could visit. 

Now when it comes to choosing the right place to eat there are so many things to look at. You can’t expect to go eat at a restaurant that you do not find pleasing and expect to enjoy their food. These restaurants come with different themes and different servings and menus and so today we will be looking at that. At the end, you’ll be well aware of what to expect if you ever visit the place. 

  • Cafe Cuba
  • The Chophouse
  • Copperfield’s Restaurant
  • TemptAsian
  • Penny Black Bar
  • Il–Merrill

Best Restaurants List

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Cafe Cuba

Coming in at first place on our list is Cafe Cuba which is located in the heart of Sliema. Even though there are a few other Cafes that can be found in this area, Cafe Cuba is in its own corner which allows it to give you a familiar taste bud feast. It is one of those places where no matter what you order, you can never go wrong because all their food tastes great. 

On their menus, you can find yourself some Neapolitan pizza, burgers, salads, grills, pasta, tacos and crepes. These are the most popular for lunch and dinner dishes. It even has a child-friendly menu so your kids can go for what they are more used to. The service and staff are very friendly and the prices are also very reasonable which gives it more points. 

The Chophouse

Known as one of the best steakhouses in the Island, Chophouse is one of the Sliema restaurants that will leave you and all other meat lovers out of words. They have a wide selection of meat to choose from and they also have a very impressive choice of wines. They have their signature selection of cuts of Aberdeen Angus and Scottona beef from Italy, which they age in their house. 

However, besides all that you will be glad to know that their menu also comes with great light starters as well as fish, other meats and pasta. As the Chop House is located at Tigne Point, you can also enjoy beautiful views of the Valletta Harbour while you enjoy your steak and a glass of wine. 

Copperfield’s Restaurant

Coming in third is Copperfield’s Restaurant which offers delicious dinner buffets. It is definitely the place to go if you are a food lover and you like mixing sorts. Located at AX The Victoria Hotel, the themed buffet nights at Copperfield’s alternate daily; from French and Spanish on Monday, Italian and Sicilian on Tuesday, to German and Bavarian on Thursday,  to Fish and Chips on Friday and a carvery buffet on Saturday.

Copperfield’s also has an amazing English and continental breakfast every morning, and a traditional British Sunday Lunch during the winter months. So depending on your mood and your craving you know you can always get the best that matches your crave. One of the best things about this restaurant is its theme which comes with a slightly vintage-inspired interior and a few clocks of aquamarine colour. 


Asian food has to be one of the most popular foods in the whole world. So if you visit Malta and you are in the mood for some Asian then you may as well head TemptAsian rooftop restaurant. It is located on the top floor of AX The Palace in Sliema. It comes with chic interiors complemented by a stunning panoramic sea view overlooking Sliema and Valletta. 

Their menu is very creative and diverse, serving thoughtful dishes from China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore , Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and India. So while you’re there you can be sure to try any dish and experience an international Asian buffet. They aim to please their guests, and pleasing them is exactly what they do. 

Penny Black Bar

If you are a fan of great burgers then Penny Black Bar may just be the restaurant for you. Also located at the AX The Victoria Hotel, Penny Black Bar is always open from 12:00hrs onwards during the winter, and from 16:00hrs onwards during the summer.

It offers great food and the relaxed environment and cosy ambience makes it the perfect place for a light snack from the classic pub food menu. They also serve a selection of traditional Maltese dishes and, of course, a wide choice of beers, wines and spirits. So after a long day of exploring if you are looking to relax, this may just be the best place for you. 


If you are looking to experience the best Maltese food then this small, family-run restaurant is a great option. For one looking for an authentic Maltese experience either for breakfast, lunch or dinner then this restaurant here is worth a visit. 

Their menu consists of Maltese traditional dishes, as well as popular Mediterranean dishes. It’s not a big restaurant that offers a booming experience. You will find it in a quiet side street, away from the other Sliema restaurants. Being family run you can expect the staff and the service to be very friendly. 

Final Words

As I said before. When it comes to choosing restaurants, there are so many things to look at before you decide where you are going to eat. Bad decisions may lead to you having the worst food tasting experience ever. Then again, if you choose yourself an amazing place, with a theme that goes along with your mood you will create for yourself an amazing experience. 

Above is a list of 6 of the best restaurants in Sliema, Malta. I am sure that if you ever decide to visit Malta, checking one of these out will surely create a great experience for you. 

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