5 Of The Most Romantic Hotels In Santorini

The Greeks are prehistoric people with matured style. Not only do they understand mathematics but they understand romance quite well too. Santorini is some of the most romantic places in Greece with the multi-coloured cliffs with sugar cube villas cut into them. 

There is more to Santorini than stunning views. The place boasts of world-class wineries, archaeological treasures, buzzing taverns and fine restaurants. We could go on about the beauty of Santorini but that’s a story for another day. Today we want to highlight some of the most romantic hotels in Santorini. So without further ado let’s get right into it.

La Perla Villas and Suites

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The Greeks are very stylish and this hotel is not any different. It is found on the famous caldera of Oia Santorini. It is among a line of Cycladic-style properties on a cliff facing the Aegean sea. For convenience, it is 9 km from Ammoudi Beach and 15 km from Santorini Airport. It boasts a variety of quarters, ranging from polished villas with whitewashed interiors to posh 2-bedroom suites.

If you feel uneasy swimming with everyone else, the hotel has 2 private pools. The decks offer some of the best sea views you will ever come across. If you are feeling lazy to go to the onsite spa just get yourselves a suite with a Jacuzzi. The bar is packed with all the alcoholic beverages and more. Fortunately or unfortunately children of over 14 years are allowed in the hotel. If you hear the call of the sea you can go on a tour in one, if the boats are available. 

Santorini Princess Spa Hotel

This chic spa hotel is 4 km from the Museum of Prehistoric Thera and conveniently close to the Santorini cable car at just 3 km. It is set on a clifftop overlooking the Aegean sea. The rooms feature marble floors and rustic-chic touches. These elegant airy suites are packed with amenities like free Wi-Fi, minibars and balconies.

What could be more romantic than a curved ceiling, and on top of that, the suites offer canopy beds and hot tubs. For the best dining experience, the hotel has a posh restaurant plus a relaxed bar offering a terrace with sea views. It also boasts a serene, cavelike spa that has a sauna and a hot tub. There is no need to visit the spa if you just want to relax in hot water as the hotel has heated outdoor pools to let you view the sea while you relax. 

Canaves Oia Suites

This hotel is found in Perivolas which is the lively home to contemporary art galleries and upscale indie boutiques on Nikolaou Nomikou street. The place has some of the most breathtaking caldera sunset views. The hotel itself is strategically carved into a Cliffside overlooking the Aegean-Sea. It is conveniently close to the Santorini cable, within 10 km and 11 km from the Museum of Prehistoric Thera. 

If you are minimalists this is definitely the place for you, it features minimal décor complemented by amenities like free Wi-Fi, iPod docks and flat-screen. Dining areas have since been upgraded and now include private plunge pools. As in the trend, the hotel also has an infinity pool. It features a chic restaurant which also serves all popular alcoholic beverages.

As if the bar doesn’t offer enough of the alcohol, the hotel also has wine tasting if you want to decide on the best bottle for any of your functions. To make sure you keep in shape the hotel also includes a gym. For any romantic getaway to be complete a visit to a spa is necessary, the open air-spa on-site offers some of the best massage services. Just for the flex or maybe not, the hotel offers Yoga.

Secret Legend Suites

This hotel is found in Monastiri which is a photogenic and charming whitewashed village centre with cobbled alleys lined by upscale art galleries and boutiques. The hotel is set in whitewashed hillside buildings overlooking the Aegean-sea.

The hotel comprises only suites. It is an annexe to a sister hotel just within a 5-minute walking distance. The Secret Legend Suites is within a 7-minute walk from the picturesque hilltop Byzantine castle Ruins and 17 km from Santorini Airport. 

The airy rooms feature amenities like free wifi, coffee makers and minibars. The hotel boasts rainfall showers and balconies with hot tubs which offer the best sea views. If you want some pampering, a 5-minute walk hand-in-hand with your partner is what you need at the sister hotel.

At the sister hotel, you will also find a refined restaurant with a seafront terrace and serving the best dishes of Greek cuisine. The place is for adults only but their rules are lenient enough to allow kids over 16 years of age. 

Andronis Boutique Hotel

The hotel is located in Monastiri which is known for its cool clifftop bars and restaurants, and the ruin of Byzantine-era Agios Nikolaos Castle which is famed for its sunset viewing spots over Santorini’s volcanic caldera. The hotel is on a cliff overlooking the Aegean-sea. The hotel is conveniently in a complex including a former 1900s winery just within 10 km from Santorini cable car and 12 km from the Archaeological Museum of Thera. 

The rooms are sleek and minimalist with a classy touch of simplicity. The rooms feature balconies with hot tubs offering spectacular sea views. The suites boast infinity pools or plunge pools and living areas with amenities which include free wifi and flat-screen TVs.

There is a high-end restaurant offering open-air dining and 2 outdoor pools with stunning volcano views. The hotel also features a spa for your pampering, and a beauty salon to deal with all the hairstyling and manicure. The is a stylish clothing store if you wish to upgrade your wardrobe or change it altogether. 


All the hotels discussed are contenders to offering the ultimate romantic getaway, the competition between them makes it difficult to choose the best among the rest but our best pick is the Canaves Oia Suites, this hotel went a step further and included yoga which can make couples connect spiritually.

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