6 Places to Visit in Germany in Summer

Fall in love with the historical side and stunning, dramatic landscapes in German. Take a tour of the most scenic places, and German has to offer as you get to experience a unique adventure of cities, mountains and historical monuments. Enjoy the fullness of live cities through beach parties, lovely cuisine and spectacular festivals. Pack your bags and have memorable memories imprinted on your mind that last forever.

Start planning your perfect fit holiday.


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Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, also known as Meckpom, or Mecklenburg-West, is a green region, North of Berlin regarded as the best summer destination in German. Hit the road on car, bicycle or train and be dazzled by God’s untamed creations in German.

The tour usually starts from Berlin, moving to the green Brandenburg which comprises enchanting landscapes, resorts and camping sites for those with the brave, wild hearts.

 Get a refreshing tour of beautiful unexposed nature such Zethner See Lake and Mirower See. Their sites will make you spend more time taking pictures as every end of the lake is out of this world.

The Baltic Sea has various resorts, with stunning beaches that ensure a great seaside vacation. You will get to explore Stralsund and Wismar towns which offer perfect holiday resorts for beach and nature devotees. The Hotel Hanseat Stralsund has an overlooking view of the ancient town structures and gets to see Stralsund Harbour.

Try new adventures and have something to boast about to friends. Join visitors from all over the world in German and make memorable memories.


Since the seaside in Germany is windy, take hide in a Strandkorb. Too windy? A perfect summer vacation with the ideal sunshine with a little breeze, then travel and have this surreal experience in Rugen. Rugen is one of the prettiest destinations for a summer holiday with family.

One of the most significant islands in Germany is Rügen and located on the Baltic Sea. It comprises the wild and attractive beaches such as Gohren, Sellin and Binz.

 The wild beaches of Rügen contain famous cliffs, and people enjoy bike tours on the island as it offers many cycling trails. A fantastic way to tour around the island on your bike and when tired can relax on the landmarks. Get wild and live with the wild. To get to Rügen, you use the Stralsund route.

After a long exhausting adventure, book yourself in BinzHotel, Landhaus Waechter. It gets you connected to the seafront as it is a short walk from there and also to the steam railway. It is quite convenient as you get to access various attractions which are breathtaking. A unique experience in Rugen you will never forget.


Beautiful and elegant, match the city of Munich, Germany’s and a perfect site in summer with its surrounding nature. The Bavarian capital is famous for a luxurious lifestyle, ancient skyscrapers and stunning landmarks all over the city.

The delicate English Garden in summer offers luscious green scenery where picnics and sun-basking are enjoyable by the people from all walks of life. Enjoy surfing on human-made, Eisbachwelle River in the park with a controlled wave.

Due to the city being at the heart of nature, mountains and shimmering lakes are easily accessible as there are one or two hours far from the city. To tour around the city, try the Starnberger See train as you get to gaze on nature’s beauty whilst having five-star hospitality on the train.

Munich has so much to offer to the visitors from the famous Neuschwanstein Castle to the annual Oktoberfest.

A promising journey worth the visit. Travel and you will never regret the right side of life on a low budget. Have the feel at home rest in Arthotel Munich as its centrality provides railways, boutiques, mouthwatering cuisine at affordable prices.

 St. Goar

St.Goar offers the best summer vacation in German with its stunning castles.  St. Goar is considered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Rhine Gorge. The town is relatively small and can be toured on foot or try the St.Goar train for a relaxed less than 45 minutes tour to Rheinfels Castle.

Explore the ruins of Rheinfels Castle and the museum and have a lot to tell others at the home of a spectacular ancient place. To lighten up the mood, get busy with fun-filled activities on the Rhine Cruise and enjoy the Rhine in Flames festivals with family.

This place, with its adventures and liveness, will make you overstay your trip. It is worth it. Get the movie feel of travelling on boats to Loreley Rock to witness the dawn of fireworks in the sky at a close range.

After a foot tour, book into Hotel Zur Loreley hotel which offers sensational facilities of a landline that connects you to home. The hotel is centralised hence easy access to get to desired tourist attractions of choice.


A city full of life, fully equipped with outdoor activities, salivating food and wines are notable actions Bodensee has to offer. Bodensee is a summer getaway destination in Germany to travel to with family and friends.

German, Austrian, Swiss citizens and tourists all over Europe flood Bodensee, aim to view Lake Constance as it delivers impressive outdoor activities which are out of this world. Boats offer exquisite cuisines and breweries. It is also a perfect way to admire the beauties of the waters and the towering hills nearby.

This masterpiece will have you visiting the city more than once. Water sports of canoeing, windsurfing and paddling are enjoyable adventures on the lake that draws the attention of tourists every summer. A must-see experience you must enhance yourself.

 Nearby towns such as Meersburg give a break taking experience. It has numerous vineyards. The city has stunning baroque landmarks worth the travel. Pack your bags, and you will never be disappointed.

Be in luck to book in Bodensee Yachthotel Schattmaier hotel and wake up to an overlooking view of boats, sailors, surfers and a fantastic sunset after your day tour.


 Tour German in style by using a two-hour advanced train from Berlin to Rostock and the adventure like never before. Being one of the most famous university towns in northern Germany, it is entirely walkable, summer vacation offering a nearby resort of Warnemunde.

 Get to walk the streets and view the unique architectural landscapes such as sculptures, fountains whilst sipping on great plaza coffee and see the medieval town gates on foot.

The Neuer Markets, leave you with a nostalgic feeling of home with its exotic and locally sourced fresh farm products. Get to tour Rostock University, one of the oldest universities in Europe which are well known for its rare excellence.

A city refurbished with historical monuments such as the Rostock’s churches, Petrikirche and the astronomical clock at Marienkirche.  A splendid tour worth leaving your bed for as it offers excellent sites and memories that last forever.

The charming GreinfenNest hotel delivers quality hospitality by creating a cosy home away from home atmosphere for its visitors-a perfect place to end your memories with a sensational relaxation which is on top of this world.

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