Best Walking Cities in Europe

The ease with which exploring European towns on foot is one of the most admirable aspects of traveling there. By avoiding carbs and trains, you’ll not only save some time getting there but are also likely to discover some hidden jewels you would have missed if you had been in the backseat of a car.

Salzburg, Austria

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Salzburg is a great city to walk around even in heavy snowfall, making it one of the most popular cities in Europe. Although it will be below freezing, you can still visit Salzburg during the shocking European Cold Wave and find the city beautiful to stroll through. The town comes to life in the summer, but this is also when tourists start arriving in droves, notably those making day trips from Vienna

The ideal course of action is to spend a few nights in Salzburg and explore during the early morning hours and the hour before sunset when you’ll frequently find the city to yourself. Make sure you go around the Old Town’s unending labyrinth of passageways and the Mirabell Gardens. A Sound of Music Tour is a requirement for movie buffs if you want to venture outside the city.

Amsterdam , Netherlands

Amsterdam is a classic European city where you can grab an American and spend the day exploring charming neighborhoods. Although the city is somewhat large, many more “famous” sites are near the city center. You’ll enjoy getting lost in the “ Venice of the North” with its enchanted secret gardens and canal-side floating homes. 

While walking is not the ideal way to see this city, it is nevertheless very well suited for walkers and even cyclists, should you be bold enough to follow the residents’ example and rent a bike! If you like to go on foot, this city is rather large but can be easily explored in a few days, mainly because it is essentially level. Take a map with you because you might find yourself in a different location than you had intended, but feel free to get lost occasionally, especially in picturesque neighborhoods like Jordaan.

Florence , Italy

Rome on a considerably slower pace but with just as much culture and sights to explore. One such city that is, to put it simply, adored by all is Florence. Walking is the most excellent way to appreciate this vibrant city fully. So you may stop as often as your stomach demands for gelato or Florentine Panino’s. At the same time, you wander past the Duomo, visit the Accademia Gallery to see Michelangelo’s David or spend time admiring the splendor of the Ponte Vecchio. Florence, undoubtedly the most picturesque city in Italy, is awash in color and energy at every turn. You can explore the entire city of Florence on foot in a few days, but make sure to schedule enough time for many gelato pits breaks to fuel up along the way!

Porto, Portugal

Porto is the ideal European city for a stroll, thanks to its brightly coloured structures, congested streets, and attractive balconies on every corner. One of the best things about visiting Porto is that the city core is relatively compact. The city is known for its beautiful waterfront vistas and the fantastic local Port wine. After preparing for some of the hills you’ll encounter, you’ll be pleasantly delighted to see that all of the city’s landmarks are remarkably close. Grab a pastel de nata and take a trip through one of Portugal’s most well-known cities this afternoon.

Venice, Italy

The finest way to see Venice is on foot. While taking a gondola ride is a must-do for tourists, the most excellent way to see and experience Venice is simply by wandering through the tiny lanes and seeing where you end yourself. If you get lost, don’t worry; you’ll eventually find your way back. The greatest of Venice may be outside the major tourist destinations, deep within the city’s neighborhoods, so be prepared to get lost. You can easily get lost in Venice as you meander along the canals and come across well-known sites like the Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute, the Piazza San Marco, and the Palazzo Ducale.

Paris , France

Paris is a city that is still best explored on foot – with the assistance of a metro stop or two, of course! Despite being a big metropolis to find your way about with lots of little pockets, that should be awarded an entire day of exploration in each! Try to explore the entirety of Paris on foot, as it is pretty big. However, a few neighborhoods are worth spending at least a half day in each. 

Additionally, as a bonus, if you organize your schedule well enough, you should be able to see everything on your list of Paris “must-sees” in a single day. Even if this list may go on forever, St. Germain des Prés, Montmartre, and the Latin Quarter are worthwhile destinations. We can assure you that exploring Paris will be an experience you won’t soon forget, from the people to the croissants to strolling along the Seine and capping the day as the sun sets over the gleaming Eiffel tower.

Bruges, Belgium

This tiny Belgian city is picture-perfect and, on the plus side, it’s very walkable. The town’s picturesque cobblestone alleys, dreamy cafes, and canal-lined streets will instantly fascinate you after a fast 30-minute walk from the train station. The city of this fairytale in Belgium is worth seeing just for its architecture. There will be admiration because Brugge’s entire Historical Centre is UNESCO-listed. We advise resting your weary head at the Hotel Heritage – Relais & Chateaux once you’ve completed your day’s steps. If traveling outside of the summer months, pack lots of clothing because the weather up in northern Belgium can quickly become somewhat harsh.

Prague, Czech Republic

Despite a significant climb to the top of Prague Castle (albeit a worthy trek for those city vistas! ), Prague is another fantastic European city to visit on foot. There is much to see outside Prague’s main attractions, and it becomes almost instantly apparent as you leave the main streets, so be sure to explore both the lesser town and the old town center.

Munich , Germany

The ideal starting point for experiencing more of Bavaria is Munich. The city is lovely to stroll through, and there aren’t many sights, so you can take your time exploring. You can explore all the city’s best areas on foot, even if you don’t come to this capital of beer during the fall. Hey, your journey will likely become a walking food tour. Viewing some of the magnificent buildings this ancient city offers would be best. You must see several sights, from the Wittelsbacher-Platz to the Marienplatz and the Historic Center.

Sevilla, Spain

The Spanish city of Sevilla in two words. “Walkable and vibrant”. Take full advantage of the lovely weather, delectable tapas, and rich culture that this Spanish city has to offer while you’re there. Fortunately, most of the city’s principal boulevards are designed with pedestrians in mind, so you can take your time exploring the city and admiring the architecture and Spanish vistas without additional stress.

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