The Most Scenic Drives in California

A tradition is going on a family road trip to California. Turn the music up, hit the road and get in love with the spectacular views nature has to offer. Taking these routes in California will spice up your journey than flying and only get to see trees from an Aerial perspective when all this …

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7 Romantic Things To Do In Carmel

Carmel is a Central California coastal town that has a lot to offer. All the activities that are done here let you connect with nature, the community and most important of all your better half. The Mediterranean climate makes the vegetation in and around Carmel lush and green all year round, this coupled with its …

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5 Romantic Hotels In Northern California

Northern California is well known for its wineries and wine tasting, but those are not the only attractions in the location. It is home to some of the world’s most luxurious and romantic hotels. Planning a honeymoon after that beautiful wedding or just a romantic getaway with your partner to keep the fire burning, then …

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